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Sierra Energy Logs

Your Local source for Clean, Green, Better than cord wood Heat!

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Local Family Business

For over 30 Years we have provided our local community with friendly service and high quality products to ensure our customers' homes stay warm and protected from Winter's Chill. 

  The Thomases moved to Nevada County in 1981 and and in 1988 began distributing North Idaho Energy Logs and Pellets - compressed energy logs and pellets made from recycled wood waste taken from sawmills.

Each 8-pound log is made from 100 percent natural wood — compressed under the intense pressure of 20,000 pounds per square inch — with no chemicals or binders. The high combustion and low moisture content results in a clean, hot fire which can decrease chimney emissions by as much as 55 percent, said Perry. The company boasts that one pallet (240 energy logs) has the heating capacity of one and a half to two cords of firewood. 

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Energy Logs and Wood Pellets

 North Idaho Energy Logs are produced by machines that have been recycling wood waste since the 1930’s. Energy Logs are made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills, and are a much cleaner burning fuel than traditional firewood. The high density and low moisture content of our 8lb Energy Log enables it to pack 8600 BTU’s per pound. With our manufacturing process our logs burn hotter and longer than firewood or other manufactured logs. 

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Home and Business Delivery

We offer home and business delivery for whole and half units. Our expert driver and specialized delivery equipment ensure that your North Idaho Energy Logs will make it safely to the covered storage area of your choice, no matter the weather. Call or email today to schedule a delivery!


Rachelle B.


These are the best logs I have ever used! We have been using them for quite a few years. They burn long and steady. They are not as messy as real wood that leaves chunks everywhere and causes problems with the vacuum. I feel better about using a product made from waste and no fillers. The logs are just pressed sawdust, nothing else.   

The owners, Kathy and Perry, are wonderful people who are a pleasure to spend time with while they load your car with logs. This place is the definition of the friendly small town business! 

Jared M.

 Convenient location and a nice couple runs it. The logs burn clean and hot, like oak, and produce very little ash. We supplement our wood supply with these. According to the manufacturer's website, they do not use a glue or binder that is toxic. They are made using a high compression machine that compresses scrap wood. They do occasionally run out so good to just buy a half pallet in bulk. They also deliver. Half a pallet is equivalent to about a cord of wood. You can also buy them individually but can get expensive this way. 


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